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Selecting linked text in browsers

Am I just stupid or is it really impossible to select text from inside <a/>? There’s a person in a news article who I’d like to do a google search on. Too bad the news agency has <a/> tagged all the instances of his/her name, mostly even when used in a sentence as a reference to a previous article so it’s really painful to select just the name.

Could we reserve SHIFT for “click to select” functionality or are there better ways to do this?

Well apparently for chrome (chromium) there’s a question about this with reference to an extension claiming to do exactly what I described above. Let’s have a try… And it works! Awesome, thanks a lot humanurl.


Trying to get rid of N8

I recently acquired an used Samsung Galaxy SII to replace my horrible N8. Right now I’m trying to backup the phone using Nokia Suite before lending it on to be used as a navigator and a camera.

First attempt: backup everything. After 2 hours Nokia Suite aborts the procedure, telling me that I don’t have enough memory (yes, memory, not disk space) and recommended that I free up some disk space (in contrast to previous sentence about memory). Turns out that my XP VirtualBox image wasn’t so big afterall..

Second attempt: backup everything except “documents” and music/recordings. After 5 minutes Nokia Suite tells me that something went wrong (yes, I’m not simply forgetting what went wrong, the notification was that something went wrong) and that I should restart the phone. I go ahead and restart the damn phone, also doing the “fix” by holding down the power button until the phone vibrates before starting it up again.

Third attempt: same as before. After 10 minutes Nokia Suite is still “preparing backing up”, the whole system is idle and nothing is happening. I cancel it.

Fourth attempt: same as before. Backup finally starts in under 1 minute. Now I’ll have to hope it really completes the backup.

Nokia really knows what’s a great user experience. I can’t wait to get rid of this damn phone. Also, it’s nice to know that the only way to access the damn files inside NBU backup file is to use .NET software, while open-source it still means I have to do it in Windows.

New flash plugin version for amd64:

Adobe still fails fullscreen video even with this latest version. youtube 240p video plays at most 16fps on fullscreen, 23-26fps on almost 1:1 size. Hopefully we’d just get over the flash problem ASAP.

For Kubuntu users: If you go to Adobe site where you can select “APT for Ubuntu 10.04+” and only get an error about the unregistered handler for URI “apt:adobe-flashplugin?channel=$distro-partner”, just make sure you have Ubuntu partner repository (see below) enabled, go ahead and install the adobe-flashplugin package manually. You should also remember the removal of previous (perhaps manually installed) flash versions before you restart your browser. Not sure why I don’t have the apt: bindings installed in 11.10 but I don’t really care to troubleshoot; I prefer using aptitude to manage the packages.

Ubuntu partner repository URLs
deb oneiric partner
deb-src oneiric partner

(Last) Week full of surprises

Last week was very surprising.

Nokia surprised me by actually delivering Symbian Anna for my N8 phone. Wow.

After that, I went on and bought myself a copy of Minecraft and wow, it works on my Linux laptop with integrated Intel 965 graphics! Wow! What’s even more, it works on my Linux desktop with radeon r730 based graphics card. WOW.

Notch and the rest of the Mojang AB crew are seriously hurting Java’s reputation as server-side only platform. What’s even more strange I’m yet to see a single GC pause even though I have clocked serious hours with minecraft.

Back to the Nokia actually delivering something. It’s rather sad. Had they released N8 with Anna (like a year ago) N8 would had been a killer. Now thanks to Elop it’s just outdated. All the cool apps are done for Android (and iPhone, even more sadly).

I would though like to know how did they recover from disasterious release of PR1.2 (the previous Symbian^3 update) to this Anna release; was it just that it was 9 months late? I mean, this update was released immediatedly for a variety of phones. Though, knowning Nokia there must still be a lot of users stuck with PR1.2 and throwing the phone around. But hey at least the Ovi Suite still sucks and seems to be the only way to upgrade software on the phone..