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I read a DDD book

It didn’t take me long to read Implementing Domain-Driven Design (“IDDD book”) by Vaughn Vernon. This was the first book I’ve ever read on Domain-Driven Design. Perhaps this was not meant to be your first book on the subject, but I found it rather easy to follow either way. I did however need to skip ahead or go back from time to time, especially with Aggregates.

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Tieto näkyväksi event notes

Today I was lucky enough to attend Tieto näkyväksi in Helsinki. The whole schedule contained first a few talks in Finnish and then moving on to more international speakers in English. Just writing up my notes per each talk. I’ll try to translate Finnish names of the talks into english inside (parentheses).

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Starting out, presentations

I work as an head of software development in a rather small IT-company and yes, I’m also in charge of system administration — luckily not much to administer.

Lately I’ve had to make some presentations and small time teaching session for other employees; those are most likely going to increase in future. I’ve got some history with teaching; I like it up to some point — It really helps if the students have good motivation.

Watching once again (their RSS-feed has saved me tons of times) I noticed a good one, which finally pushed me to start blogging. So many good blogs around there. I want to take notes, at least.

10 Kick Ass Presentation Techniques — very good outline, and a very good video at the bottom: Alex Hunter gives an excellent and interesting presentation, check it out.