Trying to get rid of N8

I recently acquired an used Samsung Galaxy SII to replace my horrible N8. Right now I’m trying to backup the phone using Nokia Suite before lending it on to be used as a navigator and a camera.

First attempt: backup everything. After 2 hours Nokia Suite aborts the procedure, telling me that I don’t have enough memory (yes, memory, not disk space) and recommended that I free up some disk space (in contrast to previous sentence about memory). Turns out that my XP VirtualBox image wasn’t so big afterall..

Second attempt: backup everything except “documents” and music/recordings. After 5 minutes Nokia Suite tells me that something went wrong (yes, I’m not simply forgetting what went wrong, the notification was that something went wrong) and that I should restart the phone. I go ahead and restart the damn phone, also doing the “fix” by holding down the power button until the phone vibrates before starting it up again.

Third attempt: same as before. After 10 minutes Nokia Suite is still “preparing backing up”, the whole system is idle and nothing is happening. I cancel it.

Fourth attempt: same as before. Backup finally starts in under 1 minute. Now I’ll have to hope it really completes the backup.

Nokia really knows what’s a great user experience. I can’t wait to get rid of this damn phone. Also, it’s nice to know that the only way to access the damn files inside NBU backup file is to use .NET software, while open-source it still means I have to do it in Windows.


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