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Setting up artifactory, hudson, sonar

Today I added hudson and sonar next to our existing artifactory setup.

Nothing special really. All three tomcat instances on a single host. Some important notes:

  • hudson has incredibly ugly UI (though still usable enough) but great features; automatic maven installation and nice spring context refreshing after configuration changes
  • sonar isn’t quite as administrable as I had guesses from it’s sleek UI; LDAP authentication costs money, but then again; it isn’t that useful, once you use it through hudson sonar plugin you really don’t need user accounts (if in intranet)

Sonar setting up was the most difficult job. I just copy-pasted common maven2 settings.xml which included artifactory mirroring of all repositories. However, sonar has a built-in nexus repository, documentation of which wasn’t so easily found. It all comes down to this:

Don’t mirror the sonar repo.

As in: <mirrorOf>*,!sonar</mirrorOf>; don’t waste your time trying with !localhost or !myhostname.

The closing tip, have a small (even temporary project) you send through hudson to sonar — not your behemoth that’ll take the first 10 minutes to build, forever to test.


FF, IE8 work, then comes the pain

Man I really can’t stop liking the good folks at Microsoft for Internet Explorers. Trying to fix a layout for modern browsers (FF, IE8) is simple, IE8 just needs an extra meta tag so it doesn’t behave like the older versions.

IE7 seems to have interesting behavior but it was easily fixed. One more thing to do is fixing the centering with (drumroll) IE6.

Why in hell am I concerned about IE6? Looking at the charts from Google Analytics it tells me that of all IE users

  • 42% use IE8
  • 32% use IE7
  • 25% use IE6

Though, those IE6 could just be random internauts but even for them I’d like to provide at least some kind of layout. Luckily IE users represent only about 32% of all views. Should be less though.

EDIT: It’s text-align: center; not middle. Helps a lot with IE6 not being capable of margin: 0 auto;

Starting out, presentations

I work as an head of software development in a rather small IT-company and yes, I’m also in charge of system administration — luckily not much to administer.

Lately I’ve had to make some presentations and small time teaching session for other employees; those are most likely going to increase in future. I’ve got some history with teaching; I like it up to some point — It really helps if the students have good motivation.

Watching once again (their RSS-feed has saved me tons of times) I noticed a good one, which finally pushed me to start blogging. So many good blogs around there. I want to take notes, at least.

10 Kick Ass Presentation Techniques — very good outline, and a very good video at the bottom: Alex Hunter gives an excellent and interesting presentation, check it out.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Yeah, thanks. Done shuffling through the themes also, surprisingly good themes out there.

Now… How do I save this? :)