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I read a DDD book

It didn’t take me long to read Implementing Domain-Driven Design (“IDDD book”) by Vaughn Vernon. This was the first book I’ve ever read on Domain-Driven Design. Perhaps this was not meant to be your first book on the subject, but I found it rather easy to follow either way. I did however need to skip ahead or go back from time to time, especially with Aggregates.

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Eclipse Juno, m2e and JRebel

Getting the above work together like they did in previous versions has been quite an interesting journey. TL;DR: So if you think everything is up and running but no rebel.xml, make sure you have enabled the JRebel nature on all your non-pom projects.

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VirtualBox in ubuntu 12.04; usb devices for guests

Again I found myself googling why can’t I enable any USB filters for my guests.

  • No, I’m not using virtualbox-ose package
  • No, I don’t need any registry hacks (this is Ubuntu host)

Finally I found “vboxusers” group. Are you in it? (Run the code below in bash/zsh).

( groups | grep -q vboxusers && echo "Yes you are. Move along pls." ) || echo "No you aren't."

If you aren’t, add yourself to /etc/group. Simple as that. I wish this was the first hit for “virtualbox usb ubuntu no devices” google search.

Eclipse 4.2 in Kubuntu 12.04

Quickly get Eclipse 4.2 looking somewhat ok under Kubuntu 12.04:

  1. Change GTK+ style to oxygen-gtk from KDE System Settings
  2. Change KDE color scheme from default (which has greyish background) to Zion (was bundled for me)
  3. Install jeeeyul’s themes
    1. Use “chrome” theme
    2. Use “Thin Sash (Classic)” from Layout tab of the Chrome Theme Configuration
  4. Pray that your eyes can take the all-white screen

I also tried to replace all fonts from “monospace” to “inconsolata” and “Sans” to “Ubuntu”. Now if I only could get Solarized Light colorization to java and xml editors…

rsyslogd high precision timestamps and logcheck

After commenting out the default traditional rsyslogd format ($ActionFileDefaultTemplate RSYSLOG_TraditionalFileFormat) I noticed that none of the logcheck ignores will work.

To fix it, simply:

cd /etc/logcheck/ &&
( [ ! -e '/var/backups/logcheck.d.tar.gz' ] || \
  { echo 'err: backups already made'; exit 1;} ) && \
tar cfzv /var/backups/logcheck.d.tar.gz cracking.d cracking.ignore.d \
    ignore.d.paranoid ignore.d.server \
    ignore.d.workstation violations.d violations.ignore.d && \
find cracking.d \
    cracking.ignore.d \
    ignore.d.paranoid \
    ignore.d.server \
    ignore.d.workstation \
    violations.d \
    violations.ignore.d \
  -type f \
  -exec sed -i \
    -e 's/^\^\\w{3} \[ :\(0-9\|\[:digit:\]\)\]{11}/^[0-9T:+.-]+/' {} \;

Basically you can/should reuse the pattern matching hostname/fqdn, but only replace the timestamp matching with a simpler one.

Note: this only works for me, no guarantees.

EDIT: 2012-07-20: Added support for [:digit:] used by some ignore.d files.

Learning openldap 2.4 cn=config usage

Last time I setup a OpenLDAP server to provide authentication for a small group of servers and services I configured it using slapd.conf which is now referred as “old style”. As such, packages in Ubuntu Server 12.04 ship with cn=config and no legacy slapd.conf. Well, apparently a lot has changed, but the documentation is lagging for an almost first time ldap-admin.
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Google Drive w/ Android

Quick rant:

  • moving files into folders desynchronizes them on the phone (how is this possible?)
  • files are encrypted when stored on the phone (nice, but how do I turn this off?)
  • why can’t I stream my mp3’s from the drive (something I thought that Nexus Q -sphere thingy would support)
  • why can’t I put the mp3 player into background without stopping the playback and losing the decrypted offline file? (well, must be the encryption process, totally unnecessary here!)

Windows 7 installation vs. Kubuntu 11.10

I just received my new Asus 1215B notebook. On the first start there’s an Windows 7 installation that will begin without any questions asked.

Few funny notes on the installer; there’s this point where you are asked about the country, timezone and some third question about your locale question. If you select your timezone BEFORE selecting country it will nicely reset the your timezone selection.

Installing the Windows 7 from disk took as long as Kubuntu 11.10 from USB3 stick with network updates (through a highspeed network connection).

Looking how my Asus does not have a DVD drive I couldn’t find any way to do full Windows backup, for example a bootable USB stick in under 5 minutes. I guess if or when I need to reinstall windows I’m going to have to call Asus and ask for a … well it cannot be a recovery disc for sure.

Number of clickthrough license agreements:

Windows 7: 2 (Windows and Bing Bar — WTF?)
Kubuntu 11.10: 0, zero

Why the hell I had to agree to Bing Bar terms? I tried to go without agreeing to those, but it was required for me to use my computer (but it empahized how great it is that Bing is pre-installed and ready to go). What does one even use Bing Bar for?

Downloading Kubuntu 11.10 64-bit image was my first ever experience of using Windows 7 and the latest Internet Explorer. It wasn’t comforting to see that Internet Explorer is still a bitch to use. It’s very sluggish even compared against Firefox, which in turn is hell to use compared to Chromium. Why on earth can’t they fix the damn browser, or just realize they need to shut it down?

kubuntu cups client-error-forbidden?

To configure your brand new printer you just need to make sure you are in the “lpadmin” group.

Open a terminal, execute “groups” and if that list doesn’t contain “lpadmin” add your username to /etc/groups “lpadmin:xyz:” line, logout, login and you are ready to go!

If that doesn’t help, post a comment or keep googling.

nouveau ftw

Recently I got tired of gradually slowing down performance of my entire desktop at work. It’d seem that the culprit was *drumroll* closed source nvidia driver.

After changing to nouveau everything is even better. In case I forget, the device is 8500GT. Though no DRI or AIGLX and wrong DPI. I tried to fix the DPI, nouveau says it configures it per EDID data but xpdyinfo tells otherwise) but didn’t get around it.

I also noticed that the only way to get “persisted” multihead configuration in Kubuntu 10.10 is to write xorg.conf manually.