Monthly Archives: October 2011

New flash plugin version for amd64:

Adobe still fails fullscreen video even with this latest version. youtube 240p video plays at most 16fps on fullscreen, 23-26fps on almost 1:1 size. Hopefully we’d just get over the flash problem ASAP.

For Kubuntu users: If you go to Adobe site where you can select “APT for Ubuntu 10.04+” and only get an error about the unregistered handler for URI “apt:adobe-flashplugin?channel=$distro-partner”, just make sure you have Ubuntu partner repository (see below) enabled, go ahead and install the adobe-flashplugin package manually. You should also remember the removal of previous (perhaps manually installed) flash versions before you restart your browser. Not sure why I don’t have the apt: bindings installed in 11.10 but I don’t really care to troubleshoot; I prefer using aptitude to manage the packages.

Ubuntu partner repository URLs
deb oneiric partner
deb-src oneiric partner

Testing out VPN providers

Yesterday I was stupid enough to try out I cannot recommend it for anyone.

They only support the crappy PPTP protocol.

While it should be pretty much supported under Kubuntu and other Linux distributions, I couldn’t randomize a set of options that would help to keep the connection alive for more than one or two minutes under moderate load.

When I started looking up some answers, it looked like there are no happy linux customers and rest of the customers do not like writing online about their experiences — should they exist.

Then I moved on and looked at Their website looks so much like ipredators that I decided to abandon that service when I found out that they don’t support OpenVPN either, only PPTP.

I finally found a pretty reliable looking swedish provider which supports OpenVPN. After going through all the hassle with ipredators PPTP settings I was amazed with “oh, it just works.”

Performance is very close to what I’ve used to so I guess I’ll pipe all my network traffic through this provider in the future months as well.