Testing out VPN providers

Yesterday I was stupid enough to try out ipredator.se. I cannot recommend it for anyone.

They only support the crappy PPTP protocol.

While it should be pretty much supported under Kubuntu and other Linux distributions, I couldn’t randomize a set of options that would help to keep the connection alive for more than one or two minutes under moderate load.

When I started looking up some answers, it looked like there are no happy linux customers and rest of the customers do not like writing online about their experiences — should they exist.

Then I moved on and looked at relakks.com. Their website looks so much like ipredators that I decided to abandon that service when I found out that they don’t support OpenVPN either, only PPTP.

I finally found a pretty reliable looking swedish provider which supports OpenVPN. After going through all the hassle with ipredators PPTP settings I was amazed with “oh, it just works.”

Performance is very close to what I’ve used to so I guess I’ll pipe all my network traffic through this provider in the future months as well.


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