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A lot of stuff that just makes sense

While writing my yesterday’s post I (again) came across destroyallsoftware.com. After (again) watching the free material on that site I (finally) decided to subscribe his screencasts. I was mostly interested in the bash stuff.

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More thoughts on Java Tech Journal

Ha, in my last post I said I was throwing jaxenter.com’s emails usually to trash and I’ve missed that they seem to release their journal monthly .. not sure how of they release it, their issue pages don’t have any dates on them. Oops.

I’m writing this as I go with the journal #21.

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Dead Space 1 and 2

Twinkle twinkle little star … That’s a great E8 trailer for sure!

I was a bit late with the Dead Space games but got them at a very reasonable price; two for the price for one almost new game.

As a fan of Fallout and Arcanum games I usually get mad if there is less than 150 hours of gameplay but with Dead Space games I’m only glad I spent a fraction of 150 hours in total. While these are not the longest games around there is a whole another level of intensity.

Dead Space francise has a well written plot which starts off by sending this unlucky fellow Isaac and the team he is with to find out what is going on with a mining vessel in deep space. As guessed by everyone who has seen a space horror movie, things do not go quite as planned.

Well there’s little I can say about the plot without spoiling it for anyone, but if you are into any kind of horror games (even casually, I for example haven’t played any Silent Hills) I’d strongly recommend getting these two.

Oh yes, twinkle twinkle is for Dead Space 1 and for Dead Space 2 there is this trailer (or unflagged launch trailer). See the wikipedia entry for more almost spoilerless information, or go to the Dead Space wiki for all possible information.