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Setting up artifactory, hudson, sonar

Today I added hudson and sonar next to our existing artifactory setup.

Nothing special really. All three tomcat instances on a single host. Some important notes:

  • hudson has incredibly ugly UI (though still usable enough) but great features; automatic maven installation and nice spring context refreshing after configuration changes
  • sonar isn’t quite as administrable as I had guesses from it’s sleek UI; LDAP authentication costs money, but then again; it isn’t that useful, once you use it through hudson sonar plugin you really don’t need user accounts (if in intranet)

Sonar setting up was the most difficult job. I just copy-pasted common maven2 settings.xml which included artifactory mirroring of all repositories. However, sonar has a built-in nexus repository, documentation of which wasn’t so easily found. It all comes down to this:

Don’t mirror the sonar repo.

As in: <mirrorOf>*,!sonar</mirrorOf>; don’t waste your time trying with !localhost or !myhostname.

The closing tip, have a small (even temporary project) you send through hudson to sonar — not your behemoth that’ll take the first 10 minutes to build, forever to test.