Just a quickpress on my t2’12 experience. It was the first infosec conference I’ve ever attended, and I’m still in awe on the actual contents.

Basically there was everything I would had hoped for from current-ish events (Huawei, Flame), interesting targets (EMV payment devices, USB, browsers) to actual enterpise protection tips. At least these are the topics on top of my mind right now.

Almost surprisingly there was a talk by Rick Falkvinge, the founder of Pirate Partiet (of Sweden). His keynote was very inspiring and thought-provoking. Looking at the conference schedule as a whole, it was a great kickoff for the talks to come. (Mentioning this in it’s own paragraph as Rick requested mentioning his unique name near the end of his talk. :)

I’ll be most likely writing much more on this topic.


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