Reading JAX Magazine #1

Not too long ago I managed to read the previous issue of’s magazine. The magazine was called Java Tech Journal but it has now been re-branded as JAX Magazine. Next after a few opinions I’ll be taking a peek at the contents of this issue and writing this as I scroll.

They still have this abysmal “go to our website we’ll email you a download link” system in place, but at least the magazine name now correlates with the domain name.

IMHO right now there couldn’t be a better cover page hilight than Atmosphere 1.0. Another interesting thing on the cover is Eclipse 4.2. Looks very good so far, except for the J2ME headline which could read “J2ME: beating a dead horse” and no one would notice.

Looks like the magazine structure has remained the same; nothing bad there.

Hahahahah, the J2ME article has a horse graphic. Too bad the horses are alive and running. Apparently J2ME continues to exist through Nokia S40 sales. Good for them. I don’t even want to read the rest; I just hope Oracle does not spend a single hour of effort in J2ME: What we need is slimmer Java through modularization.

Next up is an article with Abstraction Is the Key Tool of Our Profession in the header. Pass.

Oki then, next we have Eclipse 4.2 Performance Slated. This should be interesting. Well actually it’s just a very brief overview of the situtation, nothing new there if you have read at least the blog posts on the issue.

Then there’s a rather long article on PaaS: Pass.

Next up: STS 3.0 goes Open Source interview. Most interesting things are Martin Lipperts thoughts on Eclipse 4.2 issues. That is of course if you are already rather well into STS through daily usage.

Oki finally on to Atmosphere 1.0 article! Very nice. It’s very informational tutorial on building a chat application on Atmosphere, Tomcat and surprising amount of Javascript. This article is something I will probably get back to later on. After a quick glance I don’t really get the graphics — an arrow with text “Suspend” from browser to server reminds me of DDOS instead of events but I guess the “Suspend” will open up once I read it fully.

Next up is an article from someone who hasn’t read about PostgreSQL because they have their own NoSQL server product which can index and store XML/JSON/Binary data. Pass.

That was it. Surprisinly interesting issue.


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