Funny PHP article headline

Aaw cannot resist myself writing about this: DZone RSS just served me with an article about getting [the] latest PHP source without having to wait for the official releases. After spending a whole lot of time reading about PHP being a fractal of bad design the headline is just funny. It makes me think of the people who will now try to run php binaries straight from the git repo on their production servers without allowing the devs to mark code ready for production use (release).

Luckily the article reminds on the hazards of using php straight from scm, but you can still benefit from the latest PHP fixes and updates. Sadly it does not go over maintaining your own cherry-picked “stable-with-latest-fixes-and-updates” branch.

I think that only thing you could do worse with actually using php for something is to serve it using custom built php binaries instead of distribution’s binaries. Unless of course you are one of the people at suhosin crowd.


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