A lot of stuff that just makes sense

While writing my yesterday’s post I (again) came across destroyallsoftware.com. After (again) watching the free material on that site I (finally) decided to subscribe his screencasts. I was mostly interested in the bash stuff.

As it turns out, there hasn’t been a single ruby related refactoring talk which I couldn’t had immediatedly related to some project I have been working with. Ruby is very good language for this, everyone is just able to read it, and with some background in web applications in general you’ll quickly understand all the shown parts of Rails without ever scaffolding an application yourself.

Amazing stuff. I’ve really learned a lot about shell scripting and refactoring for 9 USD spent so far. Looking forward for more episodes, and more time to spent watching the old ones — I’ve watched only about 5, and glanced pages of like 10 screencasts.

Side note: at first I was going to send feedback asking for a streaming choice, but now I fail to see the point in streaming these and burning CPU cycles for Adobe; S3 sends me the files as fast as I can download and VLC — as always — works nicely. I guess I’ve just watched all talks/screencasts always in a browser it just felt unnatural to actually download something.


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