Getting started with Lenovo T430

Today I finally have the time to get everything installed on my new T430. Hardware looks nice, and even Windows 7 runs OK on this 180Gb SSD model. I was though glad to see that even with a high speed SSD, Windows update is still able to take whole lot of time.

It never ceases to amaze me how much time can a computer spend idle while upgrading Windows. I was pretty sceptical given that we have 100Mbit Internet connection and the fact that this has an SSD drive, but especially the .NET upgrades seemed to idle nicely.

At first I thought to keep Windows 7 around for dual boot purposes, but then I saw that having it around left me with only 90GB of free disk space. Which is about the half if you ignore that bits/bytes conversion, only a bit more than half if you don’t. Can’t believe that someone thinks that preinstalled OS is supposed to use 50GB of disk space? Granted, some/most of it is lost on Hibernation, some “SYSTEM_DRV” and recovery stuff.

Hopefully I can get a Windows 7 Professional installed inside Virtualbox, and hopefully get it down to say 20…30GB.

So next up, installing Kubuntu 12.04.1 on this.


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