Online journal distribution strategies

Not sure when or why have I given out my email for but I receive a straight-to-trash email from them once in a while, I think. Today they had an email about a new issue of their online (only?) journal “Java Tech Journal“.

While they are of course free to charge you anything for their own product, I don’t understand why they need to charge you your working email address? Or do people still receive spam they don’t want? I have been using Google mail for perhaps too long as I have forgotten that spam exists.

Anyways, I think that asking the email would be ok iff they’d tell me what for they want it, and perhaps make it optional, like:

  1. Here’s our issue #21 of Java Tech Journal (pdf link)
  2. Upon clicking the link on modern Javascript enabled browser there would be a modal window
    • asking “Would you like to tell us your email address?”,
    • a text field for the email address,
    • buttons to either accept or decline (giving out your address)
    • an explanation why they want your email, then if you agree that’s sounds great you would like to let them have it

Now I think I’ll go RTFJ (… journal) to decide if it’s worth of not marking their messages as spam in gmail.


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