More thoughts on Java Tech Journal

Ha, in my last post I said I was throwing’s emails usually to trash and I’ve missed that they seem to release their journal monthly .. not sure how of they release it, their issue pages don’t have any dates on them. Oops.

I’m writing this as I go with the journal #21.

First impressions: scala/polyglot hype (I thought those were growing old already?). Apparently scala is going up, SpringSource as well. Java is down with security issues and Java 8 mess (interested in upcoming discussion of Mark Reinhold’s Jigsaw comments they mention).

Then we have a Scala article. No disagreements on Scala’s place in the modern software development business, I’m just not ready to move everything over, skipping.

Next up is a whole page ad, skipping. Then we have an interview with Sonar’s backing company SonarSource’s CEO about Agile and continous integration inspection (what is this, why do we need to get CI to mean multiple things?) in general. Pretty entry level discussions. Sonar is very nice even though we’ve been using it less and less, hopefully it’d nowdays work easier with Hudson/Jenkins. Great, sonar is getting support for more languages, very nice.

Next up another interview. Apparently there are some problems with Java devs and Javascript, a war or something like that. Interesting, or not really. There’s loving talk about CoffeeScript, jQuery and all kinds of other JavaScript hype, only interesting is mentioning of JSLint, which I haven’t come across yet.

Continuing on, a JAX event advert. So this could be why they have my email, I might had been interested in the event while back.

Even more continuing on, WebSockets article. Might be a good read, though seems to start from very history of HTTP, not continuing on to Java WebSocket support (which we now have).

Yet even more moving on, Agile product article. I always like these, as workign as a “Product owner” is quite hard, especially if you are trying to play the Scrum Product Owner role. From a quick read, sounds like something actually implementable in real life. Not actually a new idea, but perhaps with many enough repetitions and variations everyone will find their own “product vision”. I’m not that into personas though, maybe I should be.

Last article is three pages of Apache Subversion best practices, yet it doesn’t cover transitioning over to git. Merging with subversion at least used to be hell, but it’s about the right topic to put your “best practices” article words into.

Not that I usually read programming related journals or magazines, just mostly blogs, mailing list conversations and commits but I was actually positively surprised with this issue. Of course it needs to be catered for as wide audience as possible but I was really waiting for more in-depth coverage (like with Agile product canvas article.)

Oh yeah, what were the Jigsaw comments by Mark Reinhold, I thought they’d be covered in the journal. I guess they referred to this blog post and this Q&A by Mark Reinhold.


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