Eclipse Juno, m2e and JRebel

Getting the above work together like they did in previous versions has been quite an interesting journey. TL;DR: So if you think everything is up and running but no rebel.xml, make sure you have enabled the JRebel nature on all your non-pom projects.

We used to have totally insane pom.xml’s, mostly because none of us really grasped Maven and because m2e didn’t give out any handy warnings. At least one of those has now changed; m2e warns you on stupid (extra) configuration. That got me thinking and I revisited JRebel manual for configuring the plugin in.

I had missed that it should be configured on the parent pom and not copy pasted all over each module. Well, that sounds about right, there should never be any copy pasting. However, the first google result for “jrebel maven” could emphasize this as well.

Moving on, I still had m2e giving me error “not covered by lifecycle configuration”. As the m2e connectors marketplace is horribly broken at the moment, you need to install the jrebel connector manually from’s update site (it’s the JRebel m2eclipse). I’m not sure if this is nowdays installed automatically when you install JRebel through Eclipse marketplace (which I had already done).

Still no rebel.xml files anywhere but after a few Project configuration updates the errors were gone. After right-clicking my non-parent projects I noticed that JRebel plugin now comes as a nature. After enabling the nature everything worked out smoothly.


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