New ADSL-modem

TL;DR: Don’t buy ASUS’ DSL -gear.

I lost my previous ADSL -modem as I gave it to friend who had had his Internet connection upgraded from ADSL to ADSL2+, something which his modem didn’t understand (some prehistoric TeleWell). Off I went and bought a ASUS DSL-N12U which turned out to be complete crap.

After finally getting my 12/2 ADSL2+M connection up, ping to anywhere was double the amount it used to be with RR24AP and with nearby servers reported 10/0.1 Mbps. Needless to add you couldn’t have even the lightest network activity while hoping to keep multiple ssh connections from timeouting.

Today I called my ISP, had them check on their end if I had either misconfigured the modem or if it now reported such bad signal values that 12/2 was no go. Both the parameters and signal quality seemed fine on both ends. They promised me a nice discount on their preferred modem, Telewell with very similar specifications than Asus’ one. Now that I finally have it installed it’s working great; ping is even lower than what I got used to with RR24AP and speed test reports 12/1.9.


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