Dead Space 1 and 2

Twinkle twinkle little star … That’s a great E8 trailer for sure!

I was a bit late with the Dead Space games but got them at a very reasonable price; two for the price for one almost new game.

As a fan of Fallout and Arcanum games I usually get mad if there is less than 150 hours of gameplay but with Dead Space games I’m only glad I spent a fraction of 150 hours in total. While these are not the longest games around there is a whole another level of intensity.

Dead Space francise has a well written plot which starts off by sending this unlucky fellow Isaac and the team he is with to find out what is going on with a mining vessel in deep space. As guessed by everyone who has seen a space horror movie, things do not go quite as planned.

Well there’s little I can say about the plot without spoiling it for anyone, but if you are into any kind of horror games (even casually, I for example haven’t played any Silent Hills) I’d strongly recommend getting these two.

Oh yes, twinkle twinkle is for Dead Space 1 and for Dead Space 2 there is this trailer (or unflagged launch trailer). See the wikipedia entry for more almost spoilerless information, or go to the Dead Space wiki for all possible information.


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