Windows 7 installation vs. Kubuntu 11.10

I just received my new Asus 1215B notebook. On the first start there’s an Windows 7 installation that will begin without any questions asked.

Few funny notes on the installer; there’s this point where you are asked about the country, timezone and some third question about your locale question. If you select your timezone BEFORE selecting country it will nicely reset the your timezone selection.

Installing the Windows 7 from disk took as long as Kubuntu 11.10 from USB3 stick with network updates (through a highspeed network connection).

Looking how my Asus does not have a DVD drive I couldn’t find any way to do full Windows backup, for example a bootable USB stick in under 5 minutes. I guess if or when I need to reinstall windows I’m going to have to call Asus and ask for a … well it cannot be a recovery disc for sure.

Number of clickthrough license agreements:

Windows 7: 2 (Windows and Bing Bar — WTF?)
Kubuntu 11.10: 0, zero

Why the hell I had to agree to Bing Bar terms? I tried to go without agreeing to those, but it was required for me to use my computer (but it empahized how great it is that Bing is pre-installed and ready to go). What does one even use Bing Bar for?

Downloading Kubuntu 11.10 64-bit image was my first ever experience of using Windows 7 and the latest Internet Explorer. It wasn’t comforting to see that Internet Explorer is still a bitch to use. It’s very sluggish even compared against Firefox, which in turn is hell to use compared to Chromium. Why on earth can’t they fix the damn browser, or just realize they need to shut it down?


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