Pain that is D-Link DAP-1522

Not too long ago I bought a WLAN-WLAN bridge as I got I tired of walking over my well installed CAT5 cable connecting my workstation to my ADSL modem.

My ADSL modem is cheap A-Link RR24AP (or something along those lines). It has proven itself to work in the last three or four years. It needs an occasional reboot (1-4 times a year) and after each you need to remember to shut down all firewall capabilities — otherwise the device will crumble under 100KBps throughput. It has a/b/g WLAN access point capabilities which are compatible with both my laptops Intel 3945 chip and chips of numerious cellphones me and my friends have used.

The DAP-1522 is both a/b/g/n WLAN access point and a WLAN-WLAN bridge. The downside is that it just does not work. It could be broken in some mysterious way, but I think that this all is just a feature: Under load (my Internet plan maximum 12/3 Mbps throughput) the device will randomly blink all it’s lights and do a slower-than-cold-boot reset, erasing everything other than the configuration. So in the event of a failure, the device wipes it’s logs and time configuration. Nice!

First I thought that “hmm, maybe a neighbor is using their microwave oven” but after I tested that not even my own microwave oven causes the trouble I went to search for a firmware update.

The device says it has 1.50 1.40 firmware version. When you go over to the local D-Link product page you’ll notice that the latest firmware available is 1.21 released in 2009. Great. Well probably they’ll have 1.51 1.41 up on the international/USA site? Nope, it’s 1.31 with a North-America disclaimer. Great!

So no firmware update, no logs. I tried switching channels; going from 13 to channel 3. No change. Their local web page has incorrect Finnish telling me that I must register to access helpdesk features? Awesome!

Well either way I hope I don’t have to buy a D-Link ever again and hopefully I can still get my money back from this piece of garbage.

EDIT: Fixed 1.50 to the correct firmware 1.40. Also updated expected 1.51 version to 1.41.
NEW: I now have a 802.11n capable DSL modem as A-Link found itself a new home. DAP-1522 is no longer crappy.


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