Spotify, labels and artists

How come labels/artists can’t get their tracks to spotify if at the same time their tracks are found from youtube — some of the videos even uploaded by their “official accounts”?

Where’s the logic, or how ugly deals is spotify selling?

Even more strangeness; some of the tracks in spotify have been disabled from where I live. I have them sync’d on my N8 but cannot play them from spotify client. And I can still play the damn song from youtube! Where’s the logic?


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  1. TwistedRat
    Posted 2011-07-22 at 04:26 | Permalink | Reply

    Some labels restrict the streaming services they put there library on.
    Not much to do with this, but the majors have signed with Spotify now and any aggregator can join in and make a deal with Spotify.

    As time pass Spotify will have more and more of the local US artists that aren’t signed with the big labels.

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