eclipse helios w/ updates working

Today I decided to finally get Eclipse Helios finally working. After untarring I wanted to make sure that it’d finally have some sensible mirroring support — that it’d automatically select the nearest mirror and use it, instead of servers.

Help > Check for updates… hangs at 12% for more than 30 minutes. Quick dstat reveals that surprise surprise, no data is being downloaded from anywhere. Geez, I wonder what could it be?

It’d seem that p2 is still broken when it comes to mirroring. You can try to go ahead and switch the update site url’s to point to your favourite mirror, but it just wont help. If you look at p2’s actions while checking for updates, it might seem that it checks files on your mirror, but most of the GET’s are issued to <drumroll /> Which is totally overloaded, perhaps because eclipse does this, and because it serves as the root for all mirrors.

One might ask the question – who do the mirrors serve? It is rather unclear, but the good news is that that the mirrors are traffic free.

Fixing it with squid (again)

To run an application, you’d think that you do not need a proxy server… You’d think. At least this was rather painless in ubuntu 10.10:

$ sudo aptitude install squid3

The following diff shows the minimum changes to /etc/squid3/squid.conf you’ll need to do:

--- squid.conf 2011-02-15 20:39:48.000000000 +0200
+++ /etc/squid3/squid.conf 2011-03-22 00:08:11.532438001 +0200
@@ -2787,6 +2787,8 @@
# none

+url_rewrite_program /opt/squirm/bin/squirm
# TAG: url_rewrite_children
# The number of redirector processes to spawn. If you start
# too few Squid will have to wait for them to process a backlog of

As you can see, I’ll be using squirm to do the url_rewriting (because I don’t quite speak perl, or remember how to write python.)

Installing squirm is a bit more complicated, as you’ll need to build it by yourself; no ubuntu/debian packages that I’d know of. Basically you’ll just follow the squirm instructions, but change installation prefix to /opt/squirm and leave out configuring the redirect_program.

Sample $SQUIRM_ROOT/etc/squirm.patterns:

regexi ^*$)\1 ^http://download.eclipse

Final item on the list is to restart squid3 and configure eclipse to use for http, ftp proxy and you’re done. See, eclipse updates work again! By the way, it was the manual proxy settings provider.


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