Fit-pc2i experiences

Yesterday I got my bought a fit-pc2i rev 1.2. Short summary:

  • Do not buy fit-pc2’s to be your media pc — HDMI does not transport audio
  • If you are planning to install any Windows on it, buy it pre-installed from Compulabs, they have some OEM goodness like HW accelerated codecs (plus it’s always horrible to install Windows)
  • Choose either (a platter disk AND heatsink) OR (an SSD disk AND no heatsink), because at least the Western Digital 5400rpm disk I plugged in stays at 45C at most of the time
  • If you are looking for a headless mini-server, choose fit-pc2i

I am going to be using this fit-pc2i to implement “a camera security system” to a remote location with bad Internet connectivity. Hopefully I’ll have time to write about that project more later.


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